Golden Anniversary Trip

Danube River Cruise

Hello Dave,

I hope this message finds you well and happy. John and I had an absolutely awesome time with Ama Waterways in more ways than one. In fact, our entire trip was spectacular. To this end, we have already recommended this trip highly to many friends. Hopefully, you many eventually get a call from one of them. Since it is rather expensive, it may not happen soon, but as some have said, they are moving this trip to the top of their bucket list.

We had an amazing experience and would very much like to do it again when the time is right and the budget allows. In the meantime, we will keep ourselves current with whatever travel opportunities may be out there.

Thank you, once again Dave, for helping to make our 50th anniversary an unforgettable experience. We are most appreciative of everything you did to make this milestone happen.

Best wishes,