Northern Spain

Dave – hi!

The trip has been amazing! We are currently sitting in the hotel lobby enjoying a bottle of wine from our tour yesterday.

LaGuardia is an amazing little village and it has been great to disconnect and enjoy the surroundings and see the local sights. It’s a sleepy village with history dating back to the 14th century with an amazing church and a town square with a clock that goes off daily with dancing figurines. It also is walking distance to multiple wineries in addition to having a couple of tasting rooms inside the village.

Our tour yesterday was great – the guide had relationships with the wineries and we had one on one conversations and personal tours at each location with the hosts. We did ship a few bottles back and will open and share a bottle with you if you are able to make 3/14. If not, we will have to set another date. 😃

The hotel is great – it’s an old mansion that was converted and has a spa and cave on the lower levels. We had lunch here the first day and tapas last night. Would recommend for anyone traveling to the area as long as they are good with quiet nights. Multiple people have told us it’s extremely busy in high season.

Also, loved the Gallery hotel in Barcelona. Will keep you posted and share photos when we get to the next spot.
Picture: La Guardia Spain, a small village in the Basque Region of Northern Spain well known for its wine.